Shadow in the Sky

Crom takes out his frustration on Slim Skeller

Crom was drowning his sorrows at the Publican House. He had just learned that his father Erik had spent all of his son’s life savings trying to pay off a loan he’d taken from Lymas Smeed. Of course, Crom was soon in his cups wailing out his problems to any who’d listen and all who didn’t want to.

All of a sudden Crom felt a jarring blow to his jaw from behind! Slim Skeller had walked into the bar, seen a vulnerable Crom and “ghetto punched” him in the jaw from behind! Knocked off his stool, Crom’s blood rose quickly and he saw a target for his frustrations. Skeller had been at the receiving end of many of Crom’s victories in the past, what was one more?

Patrons cleared an area in the center of the bar and the two combatants faced each other down. Crom was repeatedly landing hard jabs until Slim regrouped and elbowed him in the chest. Crom didn’t let it last long after that. A quick devastating uppercut was followed by a brutal knee to the face and a spearing tackle that bounced Skeller’s skull off the boards of the floor and knocked him out cold. The patrons went wild as they cheered Crom’s knockout over the arena-seasoned Skeller. Jokes about sponsorship in Zincher’s arena flew, as did free drinks. But soon Crom went back to his drink.

Skeller later slunk off, more bitter than ever, but also minus a few gold pieces liberated by Crom. Crom felt a bit better than before. Still, he spent the rest of the evening looking for Croat’s thugs and wondering how he’d turn Skeller’s gold into more at the Golden Goblin he next night.



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