Shadow in the Sky

Lizards, Shadows, and Treasure Maps

  1. The team is surprised to find a not-quite-tidal wave hit the docks, carring with it a Doom Lizard
  2. Doom Lizard nearly killed Crom & Siraj, as well as Samaritha, a (now) one-armed man and a baby
  3. Doom Lizard got bored and left
  4. Crom & Siraj look for means to make money, head to the Cyphermages and score a job to look for an artifact inside a lighthouse. Easy, right?
  5. Lighthouse is haunted
  6. Crom figures out a riddle
  7. Crom & Siraj are rewarded by being assaulted by fewer zombies as they turn to leave
  8. DM cackes with glee, only to be disappointed as Crom beheads 5 zombies in one attack and Siraj blasts 8 total within 2 rounds
  9. DM learns he can’t mess with Crom & Siraj
  10. Siraj realizes he’s been using old power cards and should’ve been hitting more often
  11. Siraj prints out new power cards
  12. Crom & Siraj plan on returning the artifact to Hamzah, and secretly hope that the treasure map they left with him has been deciphered…



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