Braddikar Faje

"Old Korvosa"


Braddikar is a failed Korvosan Guard who was forced to flee
that city when the truth of a protection racket he was running
came to light. He still owns his armor and weapons issued
him from the Guard, and keeps them out of a sense of irony
as much as because he can’t really afford better replacements.
The locals of Riddleport have taken to calling him “Old
Korvosa,” but never to his face after he fed two such men to a
bunyip a few weeks after he first arrived in town.

Braddikar recently attempted to hijack the Silver Siren’s shipment of Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose, but this turned out to be a fatal mistake for him. He was unable to abscond with the liquor before the Siren’s team showed up to retrieve their goods. The overconfident Braddikar challenged them to take it by force, and they obliged. Crom and Siraj cut him and his thugs down in the blink of an eye, sending “Old Korvosa” back to ye olde underworld…


Braddikar Faje

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