House Rules

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6) Players will be asked to roll “blind” skill checks. They will physically roll the dice, but will not see the results. A shoe box or something will be used to accomplish this task.

*5) You may use the mechanical benefits of any phb race and choose to roleplay that character as a human.

1) Extended rests will require one week instead of one night. While bed rest is not required, any strenuous activitiy will interrupt an extended rest and render it void.

2) The mechanical advantages of magic items will, most often, be considered innate ability as opposed to items carried.

I.E., once a character obtains a +1 sword, any mundane sword of the same type will grant him the same mechanical advantage. The +1 comes from the character, not the sword.

3) There may be some combat encounters which do not feature the use of miniatures and grid.

4) In a leaderless group of two or fewer characters, a human’s extra at will power may be replaced with the dwarven ability to second wind as a minor action.

-House Rules can be considered a work in progress, and open for discussion.

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